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Considering Suzuki?

If you are considering joining the Lauderdale Suzuki family then here are a few things that will help you get started.

Happy Suzuki Students

The Suzuki Method

The teachers of the Lauderdale Suzuki Group follow the Suzuki Method of teaching string instruments. The method was devised by Shinichi Suzuki after he noted how all children are able to learn to speak their mother tongue by listening to their parents and being given constant loving support.  He realised that with the right teaching and consistent practice anyone could develop a talent to play the violin to a high level.


A vital part of the Suzuki Method is listening to great music being played but also seeing other children being taught.  You are required to observe group classes at Lauderdale with your child before you can be offered a place with a teacher.

Group Classes

You are always welcome to come and observe any of the group classes at Lauderdale. We also offer introductory music classes at the Group that you can enrol in even before you begin violin lessons.


Each of our teachers is highly qualified with many years of experience, not only in playing their instrument but also in how best to get young children to love playing beautifully.

Concerts and Events

All prospective students and parents are very welcome to attend any concerts and events that we have.