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Classes At Lauderdale

Children playing in the gardens

Lauderdale Suzuki Group offers group classes that complement the individual lessons a child has in the Suzuki method. We consider group teaching to be an essential part of learning, as an addition to the individual lessons that each child has.

We offer 30 group lessons a year, across 3 terms. Each child participates in an Instrumental Group and a Musicianship Class or Orchestra/Ensemble.

Violin group classes last 45 minutes and ensembles last 35 minutes. Children must always be supervised during classes by a parent, or another adult appointed by the parent where this is not possible.

Violin Groups

There are currently eight violin groups, colour coded from Pink to Amber.

Beginners start in the Pink group, which usually has about 10 children. Children sing songs and play instrument related games, progressing to being able to play rhythms on their open strings. Beginners typically start aged 3 to 4. The next group is for children starting to play the variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, with fingers.

Playing in a Violin Group

The next group for violinists has children who can all play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and usually quite a few other pieces from the Suzuki repertoire. This group would typically have about 15 children in it. They play their repertoire, violin related games to develop their skills and also learn new pieces.

The children move through the groups as they progress in ability. Children in the top groups are typically studying Concertos by Vivaldi etc.


A Musicianship Class

Musicianship Classes are to help children develop musical awareness and music reading skills away from the instrument.

Our teachers use the Music Mind Games curriculum, which teaches singing solfa, reading rhythms, and music theory. Children typically take two years of musicianship before entering an early sight reading group. These groups are vital to children's musical education and development.


The SUMICS classes at Lauderdale are run by our highly experienced teacher Patty Richards Armstrong and is designed for children aged 2¼ to 4½ years. These classes are the perfect path to the Lauderdale Suzuki Group string programme as well as to more traditional music teaching methods.  Read more about Sumics here.

Suzuki Stars

Suzuki Stars is a Suzuki early childhood education class offered for 0-3 year-olds. It is taught by Mallory Hamm and Amy Cluggish and runs eight weeks per term at 2 pm in the Upper Gallery. Please visit for more information.


Once some reading skills have developed the children join Ensemble classes.  There are nine ensembles, where violinists all work together playing from written music in parts. The most advanced players work together playing four-part music.

Ensemble Class


We provide two classes for the study of the theory of music. The children work towards Trinity Guildhall exams.

Performance Opportunities

Concerts are held throughout the year.  They are very motivating for all concerned and children of all levels have the opportunity to participate in them.  There is an Annual Amadeus Concert in December and Summer Soirees in May and June.  Each child plays a solo within their group class every term. We also take part as a group in the North London Festival of Music, Dance and Drama which takes place in May every year.