It's beyond music


The Lauderdale fee is a fixed fee per term that covers an instrumental group lesson, a musicianship class or an ensemble, and all concerts.

By participating in the Lauderdale Suzuki Group programme you are giving your children a very motivating and rounded music education with the chance to learn from many different teachers.

Lauderdale Fees
Fee for First Child per termAdditional Children per term (10% discount)
All students except Sumics £192 £172.80
Sumics £130 £117
  • Theory classes are available at an additional charge of £75 per student.

Also covered in the fee are the following events:

  • Annual Concert Day at the Amadeus Centre in December (no charge for audience)
  • Summer Series Concerts (no charge for audience)
  • North London Music Festival (small fee for audience)

NB. The fee is for the whole package and there will be no deductions if you choose not to take a class or participate in a concert.

Make cheques payable to Lauderdale Groups please.