It's beyond music


A Musicianship Class Sue Harris, an innovative music teacher from Islington, started the SUMICS teaching method for young children in 1975 as a Saturday music programme. The work SUMICS came about by combining the word "music" with its creator's name. Sue Harris began her programme, designed for toddlers, by teaching them the foundation blocks for music - rhythm and pitch - through singing, playing simple chime bars and percussion accompaniment. She believed that children could learn basic music structures at a very young age simply through listening, repetition and simple hands-on activities (a learning by osmosis philosophy). By teaching young children this way she easily could help them master the basics of music in a most natural and joyful way.

The SUMICS classes at Lauderdale are run by our highly experienced teacher Patty Richards Armstrong and is designed for children aged 2¼ to 4½ years. Patty has also added her own refinements and personal touch to SUMICS after teaching these classes for over 15 years and has incorporated the teaching principles of Carl Orff and Zoltan Kodaly. As a result, the SUMICS programme at Lauderdale is the perfect path to the Lauderdale Suzuki Group string programme as well as to more traditional music teaching methods.

Patty has a background in music as a professional opera singer, but she describes her teaching of SUMICS as her most satisfying career to date.

If you are interested in bringing pre-school children to a class from 3.00-3.40pm then please contact us. We need a minimum of six students to run the class.