It's beyond music

Suzuki Cat - a poem

by John Spiby-Vann's Granny

John Spiby-Vann's Granny was inspired to write this short poem after watching John's mum, John and his cat practicing each morning.

See a Suzuki boy
And Suzuki mat
But did you ever see
Suzuki cat?

Suzuki cat is called
Tig 2
Looks for the mouse
"Where are you?"

"Three blind Mice" Squeek!
"See how they run" Squeek
Where says the cat? Squeek
Under the mat? Squeek
In the violin case? Squeek!
"Where oh where?" says Suzuki Cat?

Tig2 sits and
In a trance
Listens to the music
Ready to dance

Her head goes up
Her ears go round
Her tail goes swish
As the bow goes down

She dances a jig
To Suzuki sound
Have you ever seen
Such a cat around?

Up and down,
Then the bow stops now
Tig2 is ready
To lead the bow