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Diary of a Suzuki Parent

Temple Dinsley No 2 - Age almost 5

Temple Dinsley was brilliant.  We went last year when D was almost 4 and was pretty much the youngest.  It was quite a stretch.  This year we stayed over and the additional year made it much more rewarding and easy. 

D's Highlights.  She loves the Dalcroze - the movement with music classes.  Her request at the end was for more and longer.  She also loved the evening concert of the Hungarian Rhapsody. 

My Highlight.  Practice has become problematic - me rather than D. She is finding it difficult to concentrate and is not engaging and also hates to learn something new as she likes to be brilliant first time - I am pushing too hard and getting grumpy.  We had Ed Kreitman as our teacher.  One of the things I love about Temple Dinsley and the Suzuki method is that the beginners as well as the advanced players get great teachers working with them.  We learnt some really useful technical tips - relaxing the thumb of the bow hold allows the tone to ring out.  And a slight backward rotation of the head on the violin holds it beautifully poised on the shoulder.  But what I learnt was to start looking for silence and stillness in our practice - firstly for me as the Suzuki parent and also then together with D. Ed's books are really excellent - they give detailed guidance on what we are trying to achieve through Book 1 which really helped me see where we are going. 

Homework post Temple Dinsley - to get the CDs for Books 2, 3 and 4 so we can see where we are heading.