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Diary of a Suzuki Parent

Term 3 - Spring - Week 1

Great to be back to classes.  D plays very well - great tone.  So we move on to practicing "Buttons" ie learning how to place the violin fingers individually - but in tandem with the others.  One pushes down to release the other up.

We sign up to a trial of a set of materials from Sue Hunt for a 100 Day Challenge.  It looks really good fun and it would be nice to have some new ideas for games and incentives for both of us.  The two things that improve my performance most as a Suzuki parent are sleep and enthusiasm. 

I am talking to D about this blog and ask her what she would say about Suzuki.  She says that "you have to have good tone and good bow hold".  "The best things about Suzuki are the hula hoops and the chocolate buttons.  I like doing the group class best cos it sounds nice and I like doing everything else, the practice and Sharron's lesson." "The worse bit is when Mummy gets a bit tired and grumpy and we stop playing."