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Diary of a Suzuki Parent

Term 5 - Now we are 5

We went away for the summer with Go Tell Aunt Rhody to polish and O Come Little Children to learn.  By the end of this autumn term, December, we are playing Allegretto.  A new piece every couple of weeks.  By half term it is Allegro.  D is flying.  It is me struggling to keep up - trying to keep the reviewing of the older pieces going which still seem quite fragile and yet learning the new ones.  We start trying different approaches to our practices and by the end of term have one we both like.  We aim to play every piece really well once a week - so this might take several attempts.  We then have at least one review piece we are working on to improve.  And at the end of practice we spend 10 - 15 mins on the new piece.  Practices are now around 30 - 40 minutes.  Timing isn't great - we do them after tea and before bed so we are not as effective as they could be. 

Also learning that you fix poor habits and then do another - harder - piece and have to refix bad habits.  Each time the work is to remove the tension. 

Daughter 2 gets a pink plastic violin for her 3rd birthday and is ecstatic.  Observation is neat - she has an almost perfect bow hold and violin hold with no formal lessons as yet.  Sadly the pink violin has batteries!