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Diary of a Suzuki Parent

Term 6 - Spring 2013 and Etude

Sharron recommends a thorough and steady approach to learning Etude - making sure each group of notes is thoroughly learned before going to the next one.  Its a really neat discipline.  We have learnt all the other pieces in phrases.  But learning it small chunks makes the whole piece more secure and rhythmic.  Sharron again completely understands the mind of a 5 year old.  She breaks the piece down into a series of coloured chunks to tell, what to my poor adult mind is a fiendishly complicated, story of D (played twice) going over a bridge and then across a yellow brick road (played three times with the first time a brick missing).  By this point I have lost the plot - D has it nailed to the letter and finds the story really helpful to keep track of where she is.  Poor non Suzuki (but viola playing) husband doesn't suss the missing brick for days. 

Perpetual Motion benefits from Etude - suddenly that too is now much more regular.  D and I have a mantra this term for our practice:  Start the piece with a great note; Play at a sensible pace (ie too slow for D); and Relax.  The chocolate button quotient per practice has gone up this term.