It's beyond music

Percy was a Penguin

Words to the tune of Gavotte by J.F. Gossec

Percy was a penguin at the London Zoo
Very fond of eating and he grew and grew.
Every night for supper he ate loads of stew.
This may seem strange but it’s all quite true.

While the other penguins, they adored fresh fish,
Percy shook his flippers when he saw his dish.
Spoonfuls from the stew pot were his dearest wish
And as Percy swallowed them his tail went swish!

One day Percy met his heart’s desire.
Sweet and charming, she was so disarming, not a bit alarming.
Pru was entrancing, loved ballroom dancing.
Poor old Percy got rather hot. 

Pru said to Percy kindly, “Perce you’re sweet.
But you’re a little heavy on your feet.”
This started him on slimming,
Fish, exercise and swimming.
Soon, Percy had a figure trim and neat.

Percy’s still a penguin at the London Zoo.
Very fond of dancing with his darling Pru.
Every night fish suppers and a dance or two.
This may seem strange but it’s all quite true.

Like the other penguins he adores fresh fish.
Mackerel and salmon are his favourite dish.
Keeping Prudence happy is his dearest wish.
As they waltz together see their tails go swish!